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Adventure Golf, Junction Jack’s, Antrim

Galleon and Skull

Studios East Ltd were asked to build various themed elements for an 18 hole adventure golf course in Antrim, Northern Ireland. The main feature of the course is a 16m wooden galleon, ship wrecked on rocks in the centre of a lake. The galleon is constructed in timber with many detailed carvings and turnings to enhance the overall look. As visitors cross a bridge onto the galleon, a cannon battle begins between a fort on the shore and the galleon. The battle show includes sound effects, cannon smoke effects and splashes in the lake to represent cannon balls falling short of their target. Other features produced include a 1.4m GRP skull and the 18th hole is designed as a Tiki hut where players are encouraged to win a prize by attempting to putt their ball into a target.

Studios East Ltd.

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